In 2012, the Coalition amended its Memorandum of Understanding to provide that Third Party representation under the proposed Waste Discharge Requirement (WDR) expanding into groundwater quality protection would be provided by groups being formed within the Kings, Kaweah, Tule and Kern watershed. For more information, please contact representatives from the groups below:

Buena Vista Coalition, Tim Ashlock (661)324-1101
Cawelo Water District, Dave Hampton (661) 393-6072
Kaweah Basin Water Quality Association, Donald Ikemiya (559) 302-1620
Kern River Watershed Coalition Authority, Nicole Bell (661) 616-6500
Kings River Water Quality Coalition, Casey Creamer (559) 365-7958
Tule Basin Water Quality Coalition, David DeGroot (559) 802-3052
Westside Water Quality Coalition, Greg Hammett (661) 762-7316

Management Practices Evaluation Program

The Southern San Joaquin Valley (SSJV) Management Practices Evaluation Program (MPEP) Committee includes seven irrigated agricultural water quality coalitions located in California's Central Valley, generally between Fresno and Bakersfield, representing members/growers who irrigate agricultural crops to grow food, feed, fiber, and fuel in one of the most productive areas of the planet.

The MPEP is one of several requirements placed upon members/growers by the Central Valley Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program. The goal of MPEP is to protect water quality from pollutants coming from irrigated agriculture, with a near-term focus on reasonably minimizing loss of dissolved nitrogen from crop root zones. The MPEP objectives are as follows:

  • To identify practical, feasible, cost-effective practices by which growers may reasonably minimize degradation of water quality by their farming activities.
  • To provide growers with knowledge and tools to implement protective practices.
  • To assess and verify implementation of protective practices, and to assess the influence of such implementation on water quality.


The SSJV MPEP Committee is compiling a directory of publicly available agricultural management practice tools and resources. The directory is an evolving collection of resources, and is not intended to be a comprehensive, or to replace site-specific management recommendations. Additional resources will be added over time. The SSJV MPEP Committee does not provide sponsorship or guarantees related to any of these tools. The directory is available here.

Regional Map

The Regional Map contains the areas covered by all the other regional water quality coalitions.